Better than a dream

If you think getting to play for the Kentucky all-star team against Tennessee on Friday in Commonwealth Stadium and spend all week at the University of Kentucky is a dream come true for Billy Joe Murphy, you are wrong.

Instead, the Monroe County offensive lineman, who will play for UK, says it is even better. "Saying it is a dream come true is an understatement," Murphy said. "The opportunity to go anywhere and play football is just amazing. To be able to come to Kentucky and do it at a SEC school in my home state of the school I am a fan of is something you just can't explain. It's better than any dream you could ever have come true."

It's not only a big deal to him, but playing in the all-star game and going to Kentucky is big for everyone in Monroe County.

"We are a big football town. I am the third player in the past 20 years to go to a Division I school, so it is a big honor and responsibility. I will have a lot of friends and family at the game Friday. Then when I am at Kentucky, I am sure a lot will come to watch me play.

"It's already an amazing feeling to be with all these good players. It's an honor just to be here. I am getting used to my new home and getting a taste of what life will be like here. I have been to camp at Kentucky before, but I have not been out in pads like we are now. Then next week I get to start working out with all the returning players here. That will really be special."

Monroe has been impressed by two all-star teammates — Brad Durham and Stuart Hines — that will join him on the offensive line at Kentucky. "Hines is playing defense. He is pretty good. If that is his second best spot, you know how good he must be on the offensive line because he is quick to be that big," Monroe said. "Durham is a monster. He is a big guy. To see somebody that big move like he does is impressive."

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