Wienke Still Adding Offers

Tuscola (Ill.) quarterback John Wienke updates his plans for the summer and new scholarship offers, as well as his interest in the Wildcats.

With new offers from Big 12 members Colorado and Iowa State in hand, and additionally, Indiana, who added their name to the mix recently as well, Tuscola (Ill.) quarterback John Wienke is still on the road looking for more.

"I'm going to alot of one-day camps and continuing my travels," Wienke said. "I just got back from Iowa and they said they are gonna get back to me at the first of the week. I've always liked Iowa, I connect real well with the people and the facilities are really nice. Continuing on, I have Wisconsin, Michigan and Kentucky coming up."

Holding additional offers from the likes of New Mexico, Wyoming and Kentucky among others, the strong armed gunslinger still continues to remain open to all schools.

"Right now, throughout the month of June," Wienke concluded, "I've decided just to keep them all up there. Right now, anything is game for me and I'll take anything positive at this point and anything that comes to."

Has Kentucky fallen back?

"I'm going there the 22nd," Wienke said. "I'd say they are definitely still up there. I mean, they are an SEC school and they were my first offer, so I owe it to them to check it out."

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