VAUGHT: Bowling Green TE likes "sweet" offer

Tight end Ryan Wallace thought being "dead-legged" was going to cost him a chance to get a scholarship offer from Kentucky. Friday afternoon, the Bowling Green tight end picked up his ninth scholarship offer--a "sweet" one from the University of Kentucky.

"I didn't run too well, but we came back after lunch and I started long snapping. I did that about five minutes and coach Brooks pulled me and my dad off to the side and told me I had a scholarship offer from UK. That was a pretty sweet offer," said Wallace, a 6-6, 220-pound tight end from Bowling Green.

Brooks knows Wallace can run. He was time in 4.78 seconds in the 40-yard dash at Mississippi. He ran 4.88 at South Carolina and 4.90 on the turf at Oklahoma State.

"I feel pretty good with those times, but then I hit a wall the past couple of days," Wallace said.

That's because he flew to Oklahoma State and then flew back into Louisville for a camp. He went to South Carolina, Tennessee and then Kentucky. He got so "dead-legged" that he tried getting in the ice tub to revive his legs but it didn't help. Still, he has nine scholarship offers, including Stanford, Mississippi, Purdue, Oklahoma State and Kentucky. He feels South Carolina, which offered teammate D.L. Moore on Friday, and Georgia Tech could also be close to offering a scholarship. He knows his long snapping ability has made him more attractive to schools.

"It is like added bonus. If you are kind of even with a guy and you can long snap and he can't, that kind of puts you at a different level so a team doesn't have to waste a scholarship signing a long snapper. It saves scholarships and helps the team out. That's good for me and the team," Wallace said.

He lists Purdue, Kentucky, Oklahoma State and Stanford — because of its academics — as his top schools even though he admits the distance to Stanford is something he'll factor more into his decision once he makes a possible visit there later this month.

It could help Kentucky that former teammate Stuart Hines will be a freshman offensive linemen this season for the Cats. "It would be nice to come up here and have an old teammate and somebody I know on the team, but a lot of people from my school come here and I would know a lot of people," Wallace said. "One half of me wants to do that, but another half wants to meet new people, enjoy new places and enjoy everything else. I don't know what I will do."

He says Kentucky's Music City Bowl win "definitely shows they are a quality team that can compete with other high quality SEC teams" and could also influence his college choice.

However, he doesn't anticipate immediate playing time.

"I am pretty sure I will be redshirted because of my weight. People tell me I have a good frame on me and can hold 250 pounds easy. I have lost weight since I have been going to all these camps. The first camp I was at 228, but now I have lost eight pounds. I need to get that back, but the coaches don't seem to worried about that right now."

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