VAUGHT: 'Cats must be more selective

For the first time since Rich Brooks arrived at Kentucky, he's going to have to make sure his staff is more selective in offering scholarships this year. In the past, Brooks and his coaches have been willing to take the best athletes they could find at any position regardless of how many other players they might also be signing at the same position. But not this year.

"We had need areas last year, but if there was another player on our recruiting board that we had a chance to get, we would take him," offensive coordinator Joker Phillips, a former recruiting coordinator, said. "This year we have to be much more selective.

"If we want four or five offensive linemen, we will take four and then only take a great one for the fifth one. We can't take from the wide receiver position like we did in the past to add another lineman. But it is the same at receiver. We can't drop a lineman to add a receiver, either. If we say we are going to take two receivers, then if there is a third one out there, he's really going to have to be a big-time guy. We have to be much more selective in numbers than we have been in the past."

Kentucky has made a habit of signing more players than it has available scholarships and then grayshirting several players. Phillips doesn't expect that to happen — or at least not as much — this recruiting season.

"Our numbers are not such that we can sign 28 or 29 guys this year. We have limited scholarships," Phillips said. "Guys have to be more aware of our situation. Some might have to make earlier decisions.

"We area also going to have to be a little more selective in how academics factor into our decisions. We may not be able to gamble on late qualifiers like we have before."

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