VAUGHT: Tamme's Reality Show Stars

Since Jacob Tamme is such a sharp guy, I recently asked him if he would mind taking a little test for me. Naturally, he quickly agree. However, what I wanted him to do was just have a little fun and pick teammates he would want to have with him if he went on certain popular TV reality shows.

Here are his choices for the following shows:

Survivor — "Matt McCutchan and maybe Richard Gray. Richard and Matt would be an interesting Survivor combo because they were always getting into some kind of tussle at practice."

Amazing Race — "Mike Aitcheson probably would be good. He has the brains and instincts. Ross Bogue, one of my fellow tight ends, would also be good."

American Idol — "Definitely Marcus McClinton. He has the voice. He is the team voice. We tried to team with him in the Music City Bowl stuff and everybody else just needed to turn the microphones down. Marcus is good."

"Dancing with Stars — This is definitely not me. We have some good dancers. Probably E.J. Adams. He likes to dance a lot and is pretty good. Johnny Williams might not quite have the moves of E.J., but he likes to dance. And Wesley Woodyard. Wes might be No. 2. He would love that, too. He would love to be on the actual show. He would be good for that because he is a pretty good dancer with some good moves."

Jeopardy — "Definitely Hayden Lane. He is a very smart guy and I would say he would be Jeopardy-wise. He has a lot of that stored up info. He is a very smart guy. I would take my man Taylor Begley for a game of Jeopardy. We lived together a year and we do Jeopardy every once in a while. If we are at home, we check it out.

Wheel of Fortune — "That is definitely Dallas Greer, another one of my former roommates. He loves the show. He would be a great guy. Wheel of Fortune is okay, but it is old enough they don't give out the big money any more. I would rather do something even less intellectual. Do Deal or No Deal and just take guesses would actually suit me better."

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