New S&C coach ready to get started

New Kentucky Strength and Conditioning coach Todd Forcier is letting no grass grow under his feet. KSR spoke to the Seattle-area native, who has already met all the players and has some opinions on what needs to be done.

Coach Forcier (pronounced "For-seer") seems excited. "I met all the players already," said Forcier, "they are at various stages of what I call ‘summer shape.' There is nothing that can't be fixed, though," he added with a laugh.

Forcier is passionate about training and is passionate about process. His style seems to combine weights, aerobics, diet and, interestingly enough, team bonding around training. "We have no time to waste," Forcier said, "I know we are here in July and it seems like a long way off, but we need to start getting these players up to speed now."

Some players have different needs than others. Perry Stevenson, as an example, reported to coach Forcier on the thin side, "Perry reported in at 192 lbs. and that was with heavy boots on. He has a lot of work to do. He is not a guy that can come here and go through the motions. This is not a young man that can just work out with the team. This is player that needs to be training five days a week every week."

Part of the process, Forcier says, involves education, "We have to teach young players about strength and conditioning every single day, from diet to weights. Some players think that training is only about running up and down the basketball floor, and if they get tired, they think the thing to do is stop. And that is not the way to go. We will teach them what a good meal is – what they should be eating and what they shouldn't. We'll teach them about the proper way to use weights. With strength and conditioning we can't change a player overnight but over time. That's why it is so important to start now.

One thing that will aid coach Forcier in his efforts are the resources and facilities at Kentucky, "You know, you hear about the facilities at Kentucky and you hear that it's a real impressive place to be, but there is no way to actually know it for real until you get here," Forcier said. "The resources and facilities here are unbelievable. Players at Kentucky are lacking nothing in the way of their ability to develop physically, and it's my job to make sure it all gets put to use."

As far as his relationship with coach Gillispie goes, Forcier said that the first year Kentucky coach has pretty much given him free reign to do his job. "When I first arrived, I asked coach Gillispie what time he generally likes to get started with training and he just looked at me and said, ‘what are you asking me for? That is your show. I want you to take charge and do your thing.' So I am taking him seriously we're getting started – now." This is an excerpt from a full feature on the new Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Kentucky Wildcats – coach Todd Forcier. The full interview will be available in mid-August for the next issue of Kentucky Sports Report's magazine. Here you can read about coach Forcier's coaching methods, and personal training philosophy. Additionally, he shares some interesting stories about his experiences.

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