VAUGHT: Chuck Smith wanted to be a Survivor

Kentucky linebacker coach Chuck Smith might not seem like an adventuresome man. However, he apparently has a "wild side" in him that not everyone gets to see. Why else would Smith actually have tried out for the CBS reality hit, "Survivor," during his high school coaching days at Boyle County?

Smith did a videotape that included his son, current Western Kentucky quarterback Brandon Smith, as part of his audition tape.

"We did a tape. We sent it off and I made it to the second cut. I went to Louisville for an interview to go to Los Angeles," Smith said. Smith says he doesn't exactly remember what was on the tape — and that he no longer has a copy. However, he apparently had his son holding a blocking dummy and he knocked his son and the dummy both down on the tape.

"It was all staged, but it looked good. We had to try and get their attention. Evidently we did because we made a cut and got close to making the show," Smith said. "You just have to do something to get their attention."

Smith says he was surprised he got to the personal interview level because of the competition involved.

"Once you send in a tape, if you make it to the next cut, they set up personal interviews in some of the larger cities and Louisville was one. They invite 50 people to go to Los Angeles and then they only take 18 for the show. You have another tryout when get to Los Angeles. I was trying to get into the 50 for Los Angeles and didn't make it," Smith said.

Smith said since he was still coaching in high school, he would have been able to work out spending so much time away from football. Now that he's at Kentucky, he wouldn't have the same scheduling flexibility.

But did anyone from his interview session in Louisville actually make the TV show that year? "I don't even know because I have been boycotting it since then and don't watch it," Smith laughed and said.

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