VAUGHT: Team Chemistry will help Cats

If you need another reason to believe the Kentucky football team is going to have a special season, I have it for you. No, it doesn't have anything to do with the miraculous improvement of a returning player, a can't-miss incoming freshman or a coaching strategy change. Instead, it's an intangible that is impossible to measure. You have to trust me — and quarterback Andre Woodson — on this one.

Woodson and senior teammates Rafael Little, Jacob Tamme and Wesley Woodyard were talking to a UK sports information staff member about the upcoming season when the talk shifted to game programs and what might make suitable cover photos. Woodson immediately had the winning idea.

"Just do the seniors," Woodson said.

He didn't just mean for one game, either. He meant for all eight home games.

"Just do a different shot each game, but have all the seniors in the picture. That way it shows we are all for one and that there is not one guy more important than anybody else," Woodson said.

That's when I knew this team could be special again. Here is a player many want UK to tout as a Heisman Trophy candidate trying to promote all his senior teammates for the program cover rather than worrying about what Kentucky could do for him. Call that leadership and it makes it easy to understand why teammates respect Woodson. However, Tamme, Woodyard and Little all quickly agreed that it was a good idea, too.

Maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is. It shows this team's leaders are committed to winning, not individual numbers, and that the team-first attitude from last year that got UK eight wins has not changed.

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