SEC Summer Teleconference-Billy Gillispie

Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie is excited about the season. Think he's worried about this season? Think again. "We look forward to all the competition have. It is a monumental challenge each game. Every single game brings a new challenge. If you are going to dread anything, you should not take on this situation as a player or coach at this level. No dread for us."

One of the players expected to contribute to Kentucky's front line this year was 7'2 Center Jared Carter. Gillispie updates us on Carter:

"He is just rehabbing right now. He rehabbed for six months, came back after he was cleared, and not five minutes into the pickup game messed up his shoulder agin. He is recovering nicely. I am not sure about a timetable (for his recovery)."

If Carter does not recover quickly, how will Kentucky address its front line situation? Maybe in an unconventional manner? How will he address the potential lack of size? Gillispie responds--

"I don't know enough about it yet because we can't watch them in the summer. I think this will be one of the smaller tams we will probably have as far as physical size. I am excited about how thick they are. I think they are very athletic, strong and and have been well versed in a lot of things we want to do. Players determine how you play. I don't know if we will be a conventional type team with two post players and three perimeter. We may play four guards. That will be determined after we practice. I just don't know right now."

One of the players who is slated to provide that frontcourt help is Patrick Patterson. Gillispie talks about the highly touted freshman.

"I think one thing about Patrick — and there are very high expecations for him as there are all our players — I think he is very mature player. Maybe more so than most freshmen I have been around as far living every day life, handling class and workouts. He might able to burden a little more of a load than other people. That is yet to be determined.

"I hope we great senior leadership from Ramel Bradley and Joe Crawford, our only two seniors. We also have several guys returning even though we will be a young team. I do think he (Patterson) has the ability to maybe lead early in his career, maybe starting this year, but we will have other help."

Kentucky has created quite a bit of excitement on the recruiting front lately, signing Patrick Patterson and Alex Legion in the late signing period, and receiving commitments from highly regarded recruits in the '08, '09 and '10 classes. Gillispie talks about his outlook on recruiting.

We are still recruiting not only for the future, but for right now. Everyone is recruiting. We are not different. It has gone okay. We have created a little bit of buzz and that is important. We have addressed needs for this team and also for the future. I think it has gone fine.

"We didn't go out to try and create a buzz. We went out to perform tasks to help the program. Sometimes the byproduct of that, if things go well, then maybe a little bit of buzz is created. You can gain momentum in recruitng by getting specific players. Guys recognize those players and want to play with them. What we have been able to do is create somewhat of a buzz with that."

And finally, the Kentucky head coach has almost completed his coaching staff--but one assistant position has yet to be filled. What's the story here?

"We are working on our staff. We extended it to the NBA Draft for a certain coach and it did not happen because he received a great opporutunity with the NBA. There are plenty of alternatives for us, but there is not any decision yet. I think it will happen in the near future."

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