2008 class struts its stuff at adidas

KSR attended the adidas Super64 Tournament in Vegas. Check out a synopsis of the tournament finalists and the best of the 2008 class in this tournament. Derrick Favors, Chris Singleton, Olek Czyz, Tyler Zeller and more.

The Atlanta Celtics won the adidas Super 64 Tournament at Rancho High School on Thursday afternoon, besting the Pump and Run Team from California. For folks that know the Celtics, this is no real surprise. This was their fourth tournament win in 2007.

Although the Pump and Run Team looked impressive in their semi-final win over the Rotary Select Team, the California based squad simply could not match up with the height and muscle from Atlanta.

6-foot-9 man-child Derrick Favors showed why he is perhaps the best big man in the country, while Kentucky target 6-foot-9 Chris Singleton (who one Celtics assistant coach said may be a UK lean) was showing off his passing skills in addition to his trademark mid-range and long-range game.

But perhaps the best player of the day, in the semi's and finals combined, may have been 6-foot-6 wing player Delwan Graham. His transition game, high-flying dunks, and hard nosed drives may have made the difference for Atlanta, who had to beat the Tyler Zeller Indiana Elite team to get to the finals. Graham in his opponent's face on each play and seemed to be involved in every play on both ends of the court.

Pump and Run is loaded with talent. Point guard Jerimie Anderson might be considered the best point guard in California if Brandon Jennings didn't reside there. His can't dunk or dominate like Brandon, but wow is he good.

North Carolina commitment Larry Drew is likewise extremely impressive. Coach Roy Williams got himself a good one.

Jrue Holiday, 6-foot-4 guard from Chatsworth was simply incredible Wednesday and Thursday. What are they feeding these kids in California? Wednesday and Thursday were also my first opportunities to see the Wear brothers, David and Travis. The 6-foot-9 book ends are not quite at the level of the Morris twins, but they are very solid and improving. Congratulations to the Celtics.

Adidas class of 2008 of note: while I didn't see every player or even every team a number of players stood out to me this week in Las Vegas at adidas Super 64 besides the ones mentioned above.

Markeiff and Marcus Morris – they have gotten better since last year. These 6-foot-9 twins are going to be giving the opponents of the Memphis Tigers fits.

Tyler Zeller – he had a bad game against Derrick Favors the first time I saw him play, but over the week I became a believer. This is a hard working, blue collar worker that gets a lot of his points because he simply beats everyone up and down the court and whose persistence just keeps him in every play. It is now wonder schools like Purdue, Indiana and Kentucky, to name a few, are all over this young man. And boy, is he tall.

KC Pump and Run is a talented club and it is tough to pick just one or two favorites but based on my limited exposure to the team I really liked John Coy, 6-foot-7 forward from St. Josseph, Missouri and Steve Moore, 6-foot-8 forward from Independence.

Olek Czyz seems to impressed everyone that sees him, and I am no exception. He is 6-foot-8 inches of run and hustle. In the quarterfinals game at adidas he was a dunking machine and led his team back from a 12 point deficit to and overtime win. The scarey part is that he seems to be learning the game as a goes. He is just going to get better and better. His Las Vegas Prospects teammates Kylel Coleman, 6-foot guard from Vegas, and Josh Leply, 6-foot-9 F-C, also from Vegas, aren't bad either. Leply has a great shooting touch for a big man.

Brian Oliver, of the Playz Club Red, 6-foot-6 wing from Delaware, has a lot of potential.

Check out Olek Video shot by KSR: CLICK HERE

Seattle's Rotary Select team has a lot of younger talent but a couple of good ones from 2008 as well.. Aaron Dotson, 6-foot-4 WG may be the best defensive player at adidas. And his offense ain't half bad either. Jeremy Green specializes in rebounding and does his job very well.

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