VAUGHT: NFL advice for Burton

Former Kentucky running back Anthony White got a taste of professional football following his successful career with the Wildcats. He also knows several Kentucky seniors should have a chance to land a NFL roster spot next year.

One of those players is receiver Keenan Burton, a player White met when he returned to UK a few years ago to complete his degree.

So what advice would he give Burton about a future NFL career going into his final season with the Wildcats?

"I would tell him to concentrate on being Keenan Burton. Don't worry about trying to make it to the NFL. Up to this point, he has done the things he has to do to get there," White said. "I would just tell him to be fundamentally sound. Run good routes. Try to catch 100 percent of the balls, which is tough to do, but catch as close to 100 percent as possible. Don't worry about touchdowns or breaking that extra tackle.

"Just be sound and run crisp routes because that is one huge thing coaches look at. Catching the ball is another thing. So is ball security. As long as he does those things -- they have seen what he can do and they know once they get him in their system -- they can help him get the ball up the field to score touchdowns. Don't worry about doing too much.

"To me, consistency is very important, especially for a guy with his body. In the past Craig Yeast and smaller guys came up that scored a lot of touchdowns and were big-play players but they never got the opportunity (in the NFL) because they were smaller and played in (Hal) Mumme's offense that was not fundamentally and technically sound for receivers. Now here is a guy with nice size, great hands, speed and great ability. There is nothing to hold him back except for dropping the ball or not being where the quarterback wants you to be. The two biggest things in the NFL for a receiver are being where the quarterback wants you and catching the ball. If he focuses on those things and just does what he does best, he's going to be fine. Just don't try to do too much."

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