VAUGHT: Move suits Winchell

Junior college offensive lineman Josh Winchell thinks moving from tackle to guard will suit him, and the Wildcats. "I am really excited about the move, and I hope I can earn a spot where I can contribute right away," Winchell said.

He played guard in high school and at Northwest Mississippi Community College. He was also slated to play guard at South Carolina when he signed with the Gamecocks out of high school before going to junior college.

"I just felt more comfortable there (at guard). I felt could have played tackle, but it would have taken a lot more playing and polish to do that. Guard is just natural because what I have always played," he said.

Jess Beets, another junior college player who enrolled in January with Winchell, is playing left guard and Winchell is at right guard. Winchell says Beets could also play center and he could also help at tackle himself if needed.

"But I think we are two guys playing inside that should help solidify the running game. You need that in the SEC. We have great quarterback and great receivers, but you can't throw the ball every play. You have to be able to run the ball as well. That is why they brought us here," Winchell said.

He likes that offensive line coach Jimmy Heggins is not afraid to rotate players or juggle positions that players play. Winchell says NFL teams do the same things to make sure they have the best athletes on the field.

"As a coach, you can't be afraid to do that. A lot of guys are athletic enough to play all three positions. If they can do, it is just another weapon you have on your team. Like Eric Scott here. He can play center, guard or tackle, and that helps everybody," Winchell said.

Winchell says the UK line has more athletic ability than many people know.

"We might be the big guys, but for the most part we are athletic also. There is lot of athletic ability on this line. Zipp Duncan played tight end and moved to tackle. It seems like everybody runs well. It is a really athletic line, but then again it is the SEC. Every offensive line and defensive line is going to be athletic and you have to be to compete against them," Winchell said.

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