VAUGHT: Williams only cares about winning

Senior safety Roger Williams appreciates being considered the most underrated player on the UK defense and thanked me for paying him that compliment. However, he also made it clear that the limelight is not what motivates him.

"I figure as long as team does well, then I do well. I have never been much on self-accolades. If the team does well, then I do well, too, and I am going to be happy," Williams said. "having consistent games is all that matters to me. I definitely think I am a consistent player. Every year I put up basically the same numbers. I feel confident in what I can do. It is a team thing. I have no bad feelings about any lack of attention because that has nothing to do with winning games."

Williams never backs down. He might make mistakes, but it won't be because he's intimidated.

"I will never do that. I am from Georgia. I feel like it depends on what you have and bring to the table. I am willing to bring everything I have. Just because you are bigger than me doesn't mean you can bring more than me," Williams said. He agrees that UK's defense has all the pieces to be vastly improved this year. He also thinks new defensive coordinator Steve Brown has a philosophy that will help the defense succeed.

"I think what he is bringing more is that he feels we should make more plays. Instead of just doing your job, try to make the extra play. He is showing a lot of confidence in his guys to do that. That is a difference I say he has, and that feels good to players to know he believes in you like that," Williams said. "All he is asking is for you to make plays. If you are doing something at 100 percent and happen to make a mistake, that's all he can ask for. You can correct mistakes. But hustle and the desire to do something, you can't teach that."

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