Ortmayer: Tydlacka could be special

Join KSR's Larry Vaught in his exclusive three-part series with Kentucky special team's coach Steve Ortmayer. In today's second part in the series, Ortmayer goes one-on-one with Vaught about the impact freshman kicker Ryan Tydlacka Kentucky expects this season.

Question: What impact can freshman kicker Ryan Tydlacka have this season?

Ortmayer: "He comes in here as a very talented guy. I wouldn't be surprised if by the time he leaves here, he isn't as good as has been around here. He is going to be very good. He is young right now and we are asking him to do a lot of things. We are looking at him both as a punter and as a kicker and a kickoff guy. Those are three completely different things. We are stretching him a little thin right now. He has tremendous potential."

Question: When do you decide what you do with him?

Ortmayer: "We may not even make it this year. I think Rich (Brooks) is going to try and make some decisions by the time we get to Eastern Kentucky because we may very well need him in one or more aspects of the game. If we do, we do. I think there is a very high likelihood based on the way he is going right now that he will play some this year."

Question: Have you had an incoming freshman kicker as talented as Ryan Tydlacka?

Ortmayer: "In the kicking aspect? No we haven't. Masthay was as talented as Ryan, but totally unpolished. Ryan is much more polished than Tim was when he came here. They both have the same kind of abilities."

Question: "But Ryan is polished enough that if he had to kick against Eastern Kentucky in the season opener, you would be fine with that?

Ortmayer: "Wouldn't miss a beat. Wouldn't bother me at all. I wouldn't lose any sleep."

Question: Is it a good feeling knowing he will be here four years?

Ortmayer: "That is a very good feeling. I didn't have Glen Pakulak here, but I don't know why Ryan won't become that kind of player in a year or so."

Be sure and join KSR and Larry Vaught tomorrow in the finale, Part III of the exclusive series with Coach Ortmayer.

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