Ortmayer: Locke is the real deal

Join KSR's Larry Vaught in his exclusive three-part series with Kentucky special team's coach Steve Ortmayer. In today's third and final part in the series, Ortmayer goes one-on-one with Vaught about which freshmen could impact special teams' play this year.

Question: What freshman have impressed you on special teams?

Ortmayer: "A freshman who has jumped up and shown tremendous potential is Derrick Locke. He has the real deal for speed. He is a guy who will probably jump right in our mix. We will need to factor him in several things. In both punt and kickoff coverage, he can be a factor. He can be a factor as a kickoff returner."

Question: Are there other freshmen that can help as well?

Ortmayer: "We think Moncell Allen brings something to the table. He has very good speed and has good size and that little bowling ball body of his. Locke obviously gives us some things on coverage that we hoped he would. There are two or three defensive backs. Both (Greg) Wilson and (Randall) Burden can run pretty good. We are looking at them in our coverage units, too."

Question: Does anything help a special teams coach more than speed?

Ortmayer: "Nothing equates to speed."

Question: Have punter Tim Masthay and kicker Lonas Seiber improved since last year?

Ortmayer: "No question. Masthay has worked very hard. He has worked as hard as anybody on this team in the offseason. He looks like he has raised himself to another level. He just has to get the consistency in the punt game that he has never quite gotten. With Ryan Tydlacka pressing him, that will be nothing but help for him.

"Seiber this time a year ago had just had a surgery in July and he did not even start kicking for us until the third game. He started in a big hole last year and obviously he is way ahead of that this year and we are very pleased with where he is going."

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