VAUGHT: Duncan just wants to play

Zipp Duncan doesn't care where he plays, he just wants to play. The former Elizabethtown standout came to Kentucky believing his future was as a pass-catching tight end. When that didn't work, he tried defensive end. Now apparently he has found a home in the offensive line — even if he still isn't sure what his best position might be and seems to be continually changing spots.

"The coaches are still trying to find the right spot for me and working on different combinations. I guess they feel confident in me that I can be a versatile guy and can move mearound," Duncan, a sophomore, said.

Duncan readily agrees that three years ago he never would have believed he might be a starting offensive linemen when UK opens the season Sept. 1 against Eastern Kentucky.

"I definitely would not have believed it. I came to college thinking I would be a tight end, possibly a defensive end. It has been a fun journey seeing different sides of the ball and playing different positions. It just enhances your love for the game seeing a different perspective on football," Duncan said.

Some college coaches speculated that Duncan would eventually be an offensive lineman when he was recruited.

"I heard the same things, but I didn't want to believe them. You always think if you work hard, maybe you can get your speed up. The coaches here are realistic. They knew I didn't have the speed to be a NFL tight end. They have had NFL careers and know the offensive line is where I need to be to reach my full potential. I value their opinions and it seems like a smart move," Duncan said.

It really could because unlike some players who have always been linemen, Duncan is still learning — and getting better daily.

"It is a whole new world down there. You would think growing up around football you might know a little bit, but every day you are learning new technique, new tip or a new step to put you in the right position. That is just the fun part about football — learning something new every day and learning from older guys. The competition is fun, but the best part is that every day I know I will get better because I learn something different," Duncan said.

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