Weekend Special: Vaught & Coach Brown, Part I

Larry Vaught went one-on-one with Kentucky defensive coordinator Steve Brown about the upcoming season. Here's Part I of the KSR "Weekend Special," where all three parts will be published this weekend.

Question: Is the defense where you want it to be?

Brown: "I think we are playing fast and hard. We are practicing real well. Mentally for the most part we have been very sharp. Now it is just time to play someone else. Our offense has given us a great look all camp and spring. We had a chance to see a lot of different things. I think our kids are excited about going into the season."

Question: Have you developed the depth you need?

Brown: "It hurts us when we have guys like Josh Minton, Brandon Thurman and Chris Cessna get hurt. It affects your depth a lot. The young guys who come in have to supply what they can for us. A lot of our depth is not game tested, but there are a lot of guys that can play. We are going to have to put guys in and get their feet wet."

Question: Does it worry you that experienced players like tackle Myron Pryor, tackle Ventrell Jenkins and linebacker Braxton Kelley have missed significant time due to injuries during training camp?

Brown: "It worries you just because the practice speed is different than game speed. It is hard to simulate that when everything they are doing exercise wise is not that speed. They have to get game stamina, but hope provide some reps for us in the first couple of games and then get in great shape. We will be better depth-wise for next games down the road.

The "Weekend Special" will continue Saturday with Part 2, as Coach Brown will discuss the Kentucky secondary. Don't miss it!

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