Weekend Special: Part II, Vaught and Brown

Larry Vaught went one-on-one with Kentucky defensive coordinator Steve Brown about the upcoming season. Part II today focuses on the Kentucky secondary.

Question: Do you like what you have seen from the secondary where you have three starters — Trevard Lindley, Marcus McClinton and Roger Williams — returning?

Brown: "We have some young guys that got a lot of experience last year. It is a pretty good group. We are still untested as far as depth at the safety position, but they are going to get their share of work in the first couple of games to provide depth."

Question: Who will start at cornerback?

Brown: "Yes and no. We are trying to see who the second, third, fourth and fifth guys are. We want to make sure we can feel comfortable taking a guy out and giving another guy reps. Paul Warford, E.J. Adams, Ahmad Grigsby, Trevard Lindley and Shomari Moore, we have guys that provide depth and do good things."

Question: Do you have another gem like Lindley ready to surface this year?

Brown: "I hope so, and hope we have 11. We will wait and see. Right now they are all excited about upcoming game. We will wait and see what happens." Question: What about the linebackers even with the ankle injury to Kelley, a two-starter at middle linebacker?

Brown: "You always hate when a starter gets hurt, but it has provided time for Micah Johnson and Mikhail Mabrey to get some work. They are pretty sharp at reading their keys right now and being aggressive. We will see how it works out."

Don't miss the finale, Part III tomorrow as Coach Brown discusses the Kentucky defensive line.

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