Part 3: Vaught one-on-one with Coach Brown

KSR's Larry Vaught went one-on-one with UK Defensive Coordinator Steve Brown about the upcoming season. Read Coach Brown's thoughts on the defensive line and UK's overall defense in today's finale, Part 3 of the series.

Question: Have you seen things to make you believe Kentucky will stop the run better this year?

Brown: "That is just basic football. We have been working extremely hard on techniques in the line and reading our keys at linebacker. I like to be able to just play coverage all the time and let four guys dominate the line, but we all have to be on the same page as far as what we see and are attacking. If a guy makes a mistake, we have to have 10 other guys getting to the ball and making something happen.

"Teams are going to run, but we are going to try our best to stop the run. That is first and foremost in our plan. Eastern Kentucky will be a good test because they have two or three fine running backs that are really good and their offensive line is good. We are going to have to work our butt off to stop them, but that is going to be our focus going into this game."

Question: Can Jeremy Jarmon and Pryor play even better this year?

Brown: "I am expecting all of them to play better, not just them. What we have to do is improve and be consistent with our improvement. Those guys have to add leadership, but we also have to have Dominic Lewis play his heart out and have Corey Peters and Ricky Lumpkin do the same. They are all going to play a role. They have to play their technique and stop the run. We just have to be able to stop the run period to win."

Question: Is there any doubt in your mind about whether this will be a better defense this year? Brown: "It should be. I have no doubt that it should be. The most important thing is guys are playing with confidence and their attitude is great. They want to be great."

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