Rafael has Little list of goals

Kentucky senior running back Rafael Little, coming off an injury marred junior, looks to regain the form that made him one of the top backs in the SEC as a sophomore.

Rafael Little has simple expectations for this season.

"Not to get injured and have another great year like my sophomore year," said the senior running back about his own expectations.

He says is seems like "yesterday when I was just a freshman" and that his demeanor has changed since he came to UK from South Carolina.

"I don't joke around like I used to. I try to take everything seriously. Everybody is telling me I have to have a good year and things will change for me. That is the good kind of pressure. Everybody knows how I am when I get out there. I am a whole totally different person on and off the field. I like to have a good time in the locker room, but on the field I am all business all the time now," he said. "I was kind of shy when I first got here. I had to get used to everybody. Once I got used to everybody, all my personality came out."

He had to have had a little bit of a gambling personality when he picked the Wildcats over other scholarship offers.

" It wasn't a winning program, but I knew we had a lot of good people coming in at the same time. I knew people I saw were going to change this program and I thought I could be part of it, too," he said. "I am proud of what we have done and that makes you work harder. It is something you always wanted and once you work harder, that success will always come to you. People are looking at what our seniors can do and we have to get the younger players to do the same things so we can keep winning."

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