VAUGHT: Expectations no problem for Johnson

Big expectations don't bother receiver Steve Johnson. After all, he did have 73 catches for 1,060 and 12 touchdowns as a sophomore at Chabot College in Hayward, Calif., before transferring to Kentucky last season.

He made only 12 catches for 159 yards and one score in 13 games, but in the Music City Bowl victory over Clemson he had three catches for 67 yards to justify the pregame confidence the coaching staff had in him when they raved about his improvement.

Now he's being counted on to provide an additional big-time threat to go with Keenan Burton and Dicky Lyons.

"Everything has been smooth, very smooth. It is a lot different from last year where I was learning, learning, learning and looking like a robot out there in camp," said Johnson. "I feel good about the expecatations. It is regular from what I have done in junior college.

"The reason they brought me here was to put up some numbers. It is like a party and everybody is waiting for me to arrive. I am ready to. I am plotting a breakout right now. Working with Keenan and thingyy in the meeting rooms is making it a lot easier than it would be if I didn't have any help. It is an experience with those guys."

Johnson knows it would be easy for Lyons or Burton not to want to share the catches with him. However, they are two of his biggest fans.

"There is no pressure. One would think I have a lot of pressure because everybody is expecting me to do this and do that. But when you have receivers like Keenan and Dicky and then add in running backs like Rafael Little and Tony Dixon and a quarterback like Andre (Woodson), all the pressure is off me," Johnson said. "All I have to do is what I have been doing since Pop Warner days. Just make the plays that I have been making. There really is no pressure and everybody gets along here. That makes it fun."

Johnson knows how to have fun. Take a look at his hair. His dreadlocks are multi-colored.

"It is different this year. Back in California, we are always changing our dreads. Last year I had blue tips. This time I have three different colors. I am just having fun with it," Johnson said. "My sister is a professional at doing this, so it only took her about 45 minutes to do it. E.J. Adams dyed his hair, too. I am working on a few others to get their hair dyed different colors. It's all fun."

But he also knows when it is time to take care of business. He was married during the summer and recently had a daughter. Both his "lady of 5 1/2 years" and his daughter are in Lexington with him.

"It's a beautiful thing. We are not getting any younger, so you have to know how to take care of your business at the same time you are having your fun," he said.

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