VAUGHT: Mature Paris wants to be a playmaker

Rich Brooks is still waiting for defensive end Jamil Paris to develop into the consistent playmaker that he thinks he can be. Sitting out spring practice for academic reasons didn't help Paris, an undersized lineman. However, Paris expects this to be a better year for him.

"I weighed in at 245 the other day and I still have my speed. That is not going anywhere. Right now I am rotating at left and right end on the second string and trying to find where I fit the best at. I am playing the run way better than I was last year. I think I am almost at the point where I am an every down defensive end," Paris said. "The added weight and added strength is getting it done for me.

I love to make plays. That is what I do. I want to be the best there is. I feel like the only person that can block me is me. I am ready to go." Paris came into fall camp No. 3 on the depth chart. He admits he was disappointed because he sets "high standards" for himself.

"I worked my way up the depth chart and want to continue to do that. My goal is to be a starter," Paris said. " Last year I matured as a person. That has helped me on the field. I went through a lot of stuff during the spring. I think I grew up a lot. I think maturing outside the field helped me on the field. I am more of a leader now. I am a better decision maker.

"I just think I had a lot of maturity things I had to work on, but now they are all settled. I am ready to go. I am trying to be the best there can be. I am trying to be that playmaking end we need, and I think I am going to be that playmaking end."

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