Brinson: Backs are perfect role models

Kentucky Sports Report's Larry Vaught went one-on-one with UK running backs coach Larry Brinson after the Cats' season-opening win over Eastern Kentucky on Saturday. In this part, Coach Brinson discusses the Wildcat running backs and their ability to act as role models for the other team members.

Question: How much does it help freshmen backs like Derrick Locke and Moncell Allen to have role models like the three older backs you have in Rafael Little, Tony Dixon and Alfonso Smith?

Brinson: "It is the perfect situation. They can see the older guys and how they work together and push each other to make the team better and I think it has helped them. Moncell and Derrick can see how the guys playing ahead of them work and the speed of the game they play with to do well. Rafael, Dixon and Alfonso have done an excellent job of showing them how to work. It is a good situation for them and me also."

Question: Have you coached before where you had three backs this talented at the same time?

Brinson: "Not three. I have been where I had two, but not three like this. Any one of them could start at any time of the game and we will feel great and very comfortable. It is just a great situation."

Question: Is this as good a spot as a coach could have at your position?

Brinson: "You don't have that luxury often. It is just a rare thing. You don't have bickering about who is the starter or somebody getting discouraged about not getting playing time. They know their roles and they know they are ready to step in and play. If I don't mess them up, it will be good."

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