VAUGHT: Scott confident in UK's abilities

First, don't think senior center Eric Scott is overlooking Kent State because he's not. However, also don't think Scott is naive enough not to have thought about what a win, or wins, over Louisville, Florida, LSU, Tennessee or other ranked teams would mean to the Kentucky football program.

"It would mean everything. I have been here going on five years. I am in situation now where I have to get things together and put the pieces in the puzzle in the big games. Those are the kind of games that turn a program around. We started last year getting a win over Georgia and then Clemson helped us out a lot," Scott said.

"If we play the game we are capable of playing, we can get it done and pull some upsets. As a senior and looking at all the guys I came in with, it would mean more than anything we have done to this point to win those kind of games. That is our goal to take care of things week to week no matter who we are playing. When we get to those games and we are the underdog, those are the games we need to win to really turn this program around."

Kentucky got signature wins over Georgia and then Clemson last year. How important would it be to get another significant win early this year against either Louisville at home or Arkansas on the road?

"It all has to be with the individual. We all should understand this is a tottaly different year. My goal is to beat every team on that schedule. That would answer the question best. If we could pull out some big wins, that would be more for the fan's sake. As a player, I am busting my butt every day to get as many wins as we can and turn this program around. I believe we can win every game," Scott said.

But isn't there a difference where last year maybe players hoped UK would win and now they believe UK will win?

"There is a difference. It is good for us to have had a good season last year. It does give us confidence that we can do it again," Scott said. "Everybody on each team puts his pads on the same way. We can beat a great team. Every game I have played since I have been here, I have gone into the game in my mind expecting to win. Now if we can get everyone on the same page and everybody goes in believing we can win and the fans believe we can win, then we are going to have a chance to surprise a lot of people this year.

"A lot of people are going to doubt us when we go against top 25 teams and teams like LSU, Florida and Georgia. But we are not looking past anyone or thinking there is anyone we can't beat. Right now my focus is on taking care of Kent State. We can't look past opponent or they will slip up and bite you. But I certainly don't fear any opponent and I don't think anyone on this team does, either."

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