DEMAREE: Jarmon overcomes battle

In the Tennessee – Kentucky High School All-Star week of practice, Jeremy Jarmon suffered a shoulder injury that was fixed after he reported to Kentucky. During Christmas break of that same year, he tore up a knee (ACL) while working out in his hometown of Memphis. There was yet another trip down a rocky road to success he had to overcome--and on this one he brought UK quarterback Andre Woodson.

You see Jarmon, who was Woodson's roommate, had a bad snoring problem. "It was horrible," a laughing Woodson said. "Every single night it was hard to get a lot of sleep. I told coach Joker (Phillips) that he (Jarmon) had a sleeping pattern to where there were four snorts and a thundering snore. It was weird, he kept a lot people up. You could hear him through the walls. You had to hear it to know what I'm talking about! I had to use earphones at night to help me get some sleep at night.

"Unfortunately that didn't work so they finally gave me medicine to knock me out at night so I could sleep. If the medicine didn't work, I was going to have to move out of the room but the medicine worked and with in five minutes, I was knocked out." He said there was no next day residual effects.

Jarmon had a sleep apnea problem, which means he had interrupted sleep at night, ala the snoring problem. Simply put, the intense snoring causes a periodic stoppage of breathing resulting in fatigue the next day. This writer has been down the road Jarmon is about to explain, so I can relate.

Jarmon explains - "As I started putting on more and more weight, my roommate that I lived with said that my snoring was getting out of control – they could hear me in the next room. It got to the point where I was coming to meetings and I'd fall asleep ten or 15 minutes into the meeting or something like that. Coaches were getting on me about whether I was getting sleep at night and I said I'm going to bed at a decent hour. I just can't keep my eyes open. I went and talked to Jim Madaleno (head athletic trainer) and he said I might have a mild form of sleep apnea.

I went to the Samaritan Hospital; it was the night of the football national championship. I fell asleep during the game because it was a boring game. I was monitored all night and the next morning she said the sleep apnea wasn't that serious but it was something I might want to get taken of by getting my tonsils taken out and get my uvula trimmed. Ever since I had that done, I don't snore anymore, when I wake in the mornings I'm refreshed and I feel greater when I wake up in the morning than I felt in a long time."

Rich Brooks said Jarmon isn't the only case and that they've had several players come through with sleep apnea and he sends them to Jim Madaleno and he sends them over to sleep therapy and they do whatever is necessary to correct the problem.

Jarmon said although he didn't take a lot of reps in the Eastern Kentucky game, his stamina was very good. He was on the punt return team and coach Ortmayer said that was the most stressful part of the game of football. Jarmon said he feels good and he is in the best shape since he's been here.

So now, perhaps Jarmon has awaken in time to knock somebody out wearing another color uniform, rather than a teammate!

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