VAUGHT: Brooks will make one change for UL

Kentucky coach Rich Brooks concedes that he will likely have at least one major strategy change this week when his teams hosts Louisville.

"We will probably focus on playing fewer people and preparing fewer people than we have in the first two games," said Brooks on Sunday. "I am just interested this week in preparing for Louisville. What happened the first two games we have to learn from it and get better at the things we are not doing well."

Kentucky and Louisville had been playing the first week of the season. However, Brooks lobbied to have the game moved to the third week of the season when it was UK's home game like it is this year.

"I think the media has had more fun with this being the third game than the first game," Brooks said. "It has given everybody something to write about and talk about. I might be wrong, but I don't think there is any less anticipation since we are both 2-0. There might be more anticipation than if it was the opening game."

Not only has Kentucky won two games going into Saturday's game when it tries to beat Louisville for the first time in five years, but Brooks says he knows more about his team now.

"I have got to look at my team a little bit. I got to look at their team in two games, too," Brooks said.

Brooks says Louisville might have a small edge because it beat Murray on Thursday and will have had two extra days to heal and prepare for this Saturday's game than UK has after beating Kent State last Saturday.

However, Brooks says both teams will have more to show this week than they have used in the first two games.

"I think that would be true of any team after two games. We have not shown our entire offense or defense. I am sure Louisville has not either. There will be different things for both teams," Brooks said. "I want to eliminate mistakes and get guys that are going to play more reps this week (in practice). I hope to make sure we don't bust assignments."

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