VAUGHT: Smith eager to face Cards

Louisville native Alfonso Smith didn't try to hide his eagerness to play Louisville. "I am counting right now. I am focused on Louisville right now. I am going to watch film and anything else I can do. The countdown has begun," said the sophomore running back as soon as UK beat Kent State.

"We are just going to come out and play hard. We have won seven of our last eight games and beat two ranked opponents in Clemson and Georgia. So we know we can come out and do it. We just have to play focused and have less mistakes than Louisville does."

Smith readily admits this is a special game to him. He also admits he has been looking forward to the game for months.

"It is a special game. I have been waiting for this game. I am always waiting for it. They moved it to the third game and I had to wait for it. It was hard going into the Kent State game knowing that Louisville was the next game and trying to keep Louisville off my mind. It is a very special game that I can't wait to play," Smith said.

Last year the Cats insisted they believed they could win. This year it's obvious that feeling is genuine.

"I don't think that is wrong, but we actually went up to Louisville last year and thought we were good enough to beat them. But they just came out and played faster than us. This year we have more speed, and we know what to expect. They don't have Michael Busch back there. They have Anthony Allen back there now at running back, but we can do some things to pull out the win." Smith watched the Cards beat Middle Tennessee 58-42 last Thursday.

"I watched the defense. It was ugly. I am pretty sure they will fix it up a little bit. Hopefully, they don't because it would be good for us running backs. I am waiting for it. I can't wait no matter what they do," he said.

"I think they might have been looking ahead to us last week, but I don't know if they are wanting to win this game as much as we are. We have lost and they have won. They are actually probably looking past us, too. You never know. Hopefullly they are and we can come out and make something happen because this is a game I really, really want to win." L

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