Phillips discusses key players

Kentucky offensive coordinator Joker Phillips answers questions about some of UK's key players.

Question: It seems like Rafael Little gets better every week. Can that continue?

Phillips: "It does seem that way. We really have not seen the true healthy Rafael in a long time. I think he is getting close to being healthy again. He is doing a really good job in the return game, catching, running. He is just a good all-around player for us."

Question: How special is it for him to be the only player in UK history and only fourth in SEC history to reach 2,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving?

Phillips: "It is very special and just shows how special a player he is. He does a really good job of making plays. You don't have to take him out on third (down) and long. He can protect, he can catch the ball out of the backfield. You don't have to take him out and put somebody else in. He is an every down back for us. He is also a guy that we can pop out into the slot position does and that creates problems for the defense."

Question: Has quarterback Andre Woodson not been as sharp as he needs to be the first two games or are the expectations too high for him?

Phillips: "He missed a couple of throws against Eastern Kentucky, but in the first half (against Kent State) he was under a lot of duress. We didn't protect him the way we have to. That was one of the goals going into the game was handling the blitz and take care of our quarterback and we didn't do a good job of that in the first half." Question: Are teams doing something different to defend tight end Jacob Tamme or are you having to use in more in protection this year?

Phillips: "If you break down our pass game, we have not used a lot of just true dropback passes. We have run a lot of play-action passes. When you run play-action, you keep your tight end in a lot of times because you won't be able to sell the run if you use your tight end running a pass route. We have kept him in for a lot of our play-action passes. We try to stay out of the dropback game as much as we can because that is where we get a lot of our sacks."

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