KERRI BROOKS: Calling All Cats

Calling all Cat fans; Kentucky Football desperately needs you to be the 12th Man at the Louisville game. NO Boo Birds allowed. If every fan can bring some great positive energy to the game, we may be able to help elevate our team to a victory over our biggest rival. This game is going to set the tone for our season, and the Cats can't afford to leave anything on the table. That means every Cat.

Let's not forget that Cats eat birds. There are two meals on the dinner menu this weekend: one that doesn't taste good, and one that is delicious: Boo Birds and Cardinals. We are ready to eat Cardinals up this week. So if you might be a Boo Bird, Cats are not welcoming you to be a part of the buffet, we only want to serve up Cardinals this Saturday.

I know that every college football fan has sat at home watching one game or another, and noticed how awesome the scene is at some stadiums. How exciting is it to watch a football game and see the entire crowd jumping up and down in the stands? To hear an entire crowd chanting? For the crowd to be SO loud that the announcers have to comment on it because they are having trouble hearing themselves. Well Cat fans, here is our chance.

We need to ROCK the house, and we should take a lesson from those stadiums across the country that are amazing to watch. We need to catch some CAT SCRATCH FEVER!!! Time for a "BLUE out".

Calling all students: With your numbers and energy, you have the ability to incite the rest of the crowd to do anything you want them to; if you set your mind to it. You stand the entire game, wanting to be involved in the excitement, so take it upon yourselves to elevate the crowd. You are our best 12th man voice. You can build a tradition in the stadium faster than any other fan can.

The possibilities only stop when you stop imagining!

* Chanting DEEEE FENSE every time our defense faces a possible 3rd down conversion!

* How about the entire crowd "jumping, jumping, jumping" up and down cheering every time we hold them on 3rd down... until the punt? Getting our punt return team FIRED UP, and unsettling theirs!

* Yelling "BOOM!" when we make the first hit on a kick or punt returner?

* Keeping it QUIET when we are on Offense, even with a "SHHH!" as our offensive unit takes the field, but also leading the crowd to be AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE when the Cards are on OFFENSE. EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION!

Build a new tradition! (There have been some great signs in the student section this year, I particularly liked the Glue signs I saw at the opening game.)

At this point I would like to state that I errantly wrote last week that Brohm played in the Murray St. blowout late into the game. In changing some statements around I had intended to state that he was not pulled out when there was absolutely no chance the opponent could come back, and that many other starters continued playing when they did not need to. (Don't read what I write, know what I am saying!) My own personal proofreading failed me, and I apparently glossed over that area when rereading it.

AHA! Just because you saw it in print does not mean it is always the truth! Whether accidentally written (oops, guilty), completely blatant lies intended to persuade, or an opinion of the writer…. It is only words. I am not perfect, and can admit when I made an error. Had I been online last week I would have discovered the error, but a writing error should not diminish the point that there are MANY reasons it would be nice to pluck the Cards of their top 10 ranking.

This weekend's match up could be a defining moment for the Kentucky football program. Kentucky has a chance to knock off a top 10 team, whom happens to also be their biggest rival. I can't think of a bigger game this weekend, than this one. Both teams are sitting 2-0. Both teams have been showing some weaknesses on defense, and sporting great explosive offenses.

We have been showing some strength this year that we have struggled with in the past, one of which is our performance in the red zone. We are currently unstoppable in the red zone! Our successes on offense are getting the Wildcats some national attention, and our quarterback, Andre Woodson, who is doing all sorts of great things, is about to break a record for consecutive passes in the SEC. Kentucky is headed in the right direction, and here is an opportunity to really make our presence known. Only one team can win, and this SHOULD be our year.

On a more somber note, in light of the severe and long list of injuries suffered in last weekend's NFL games, I believe Kentucky fans ought to rock the house this weekend for our sidelined Wildcats, and for everyone who lays it on the line week after week. This should also help us realize that although we have passion for our program, these kids are out truly sacrificing themselves every week. Not one of these athletes deserves anything but praise for his efforts, as they give all that they can; and their reward on the field is to hear the eruption and support of the crowd. To have the crowd supporting them, even when they falter, is what they deserve. Everyone makes mistakes, but no one deserves to be crucified for them. (AHEM. No Boo Birds.)

For the players who have been injured playing for Kentucky and are not playing; for the players that are currently injured and ARE playing, and for the players who have been injured and are healthy again; you and your teammates deserve this win. Saturday's game is about doing it for you.

The current list of Wildcats who have suffered injuries this year consists of WR Terrence Jones, DE Charles Mustafaa, DE Greg Meisner, DE Josh Minton, DE Nii Adhei Oninku, LB Brandon Thurmond, LB Chris Cessna, CB EJ Adams, DT Ricky Lumpkin, and DT Myron Pryor. We are all hoping for your healthy recoveries, and hope you will find your way back on the field soon.

Let's hope the 12th man can help make a difference this weekend, because no one wants you to win this game for yourselves more than your fans. You ALL deserve it.


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