KENNY WALKER: Miller a huge "Get" for UK

Getting a commitment from Mason County's Darius Miller is huge from the standpoint that over the last few years it is no secret some great talent from the region has got away from Kentucky. Then if you count Corey Brewer who is just barely across the Tennessee line or even Brandan Wright from Nashville, Kentucky has a lot of guys in this area that Kentucky has not landed.

They definitely got a guy they needed in the state, and that was not the case the past few years. I don't know if this will make up for losing out on Chris Lofton, but I think what it does say is that Kentucky has got the state back.

I think a lot of other schools have been able to come in this state the last few years and get a lot of good talent, but I think Kentucky is going to be back on top now and not easy for other schools to come in and do that now.

I don't know if Darius Miller will be as good a college basketball player as Chris Lofton or not even though he is more highly rated now. The odds are he won't be. Hindsight is 20-20 and Chris Lofton has proven he is a legitimate college player whether he is playing at Kentucky or anywhere else. He is legit.

I am not saying Miller can't be. It would be great to get that Maysville area back because it has been all orange the last few years with Lofton playing at Tennessee. But Miller has to come up and prove that he is worthy of the type of recognition he is receiving now. He is obviously a great player, but when you compare him or anyone else to Chris Lofton, those are big shoes to fill.

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