VAUGHT: Scott's mistake turned into a TD

Once he thought about what he had done, even center Eric Scott couldn't believe the mistake he had made.

"Honestly, at the time, it shocked me. I was like, ‘You cannot do that.' It was one of those things where you get caught up in the emotion of the game," said Scott.

What Scott did was draw a personal foul penalty in the final minute when he thought a Louisville defender was "roughing up" running back Tony Dixon after making a stop. UK had the ball in Louisville territory at the time and was trying to get in a position for a game-winning field goal against Louisville when Scott came to his teammate's defense.

"It is my job as an offensive lineman to protect my running back. I was thinking if he strips the ball out of there and this goes to a review, we could really be in some trouble. I made the decision to do what I did. Some may say now it was a bad decision. Even I look back and say, ‘What the heck was I thinking?'" Scott said.

Of course, Scott now thinks his penalty might have been the key to Steve Johnson's 57-yard touchdown catch on the next play. He even asked offensive coordinator Joker Phillips if he would have called the same play if he had not been penalized.

"He said, ‘I don't know, but we probably would have. I think it was just one of those things that happens. I believe we were going to win, and as it turned out the penalty just helped us set up the winning play," Scott said.

"I mean look at the coverage Louisville was in (on Steve Johnson's touchdown catch). Who is to say they would have been in that cover two and leave Stevie wide open if we were 15 yards forward? Who knows?"

Kentucky coach Rich Brooks didn't have quite the same take of what he called a "stupid penalty" by Scott.

"We couldn't be quite as patient as would have been if we had not got the penalty. Instead, we were backed up. We had run that play," Brooks said.

So he doesn't think Scott's penalty actually helped the Cats like Scott is trying to sell?

"I don't quite buy into that theory, but it sounds good now," Brooks said.

Amazing what a 40-34 victory over Louisville can do to even make a veteran coach be able to have a little fun with what could have been a devastating mistake.

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