VAUGHT: Jimmy Heggins on UK's OL, Part II

Offensive line coach Jimmy Heggins talks with KSR's Larry Vaught in the second of a three-part series. Today Coach Heggins talks about Jason Leger, Garry Williams, Justin Jeffries and Christian Johnson.

Question: Is Jason Leger, a former defensive lineman, the meanest lineman you have?

Heggins: "His toughness is his strength. He is a tough guy. He is a leader. He just finds a way to get it done."

Question: Does he really still have that defensive mentality and take advantage of opportunities to really hit someone when he has the chance?

Heggins: "That is what you are supposed to do. You need to have patience, but when you get the target in sight, unload on it. It's more typical that pass blocking would be harder for him. In high school, most guys just run blocked. Here you have to be patient and time that punch. It is just like a boxing match. You don't just rush right in there. If you do, you get knocked out."

Question: What does tackle Garry Williams do best?

Heggins: "Gary probably overall may be one of better lineman. He has gotten better from last year. If we can ever get the cast off his arm (from a broken wrist), I think he will even get a lot better."

Question: What about sophomore tackle Justin Jeffries?

Heggins: "He has been the surprise of the fall. We came in thinking it would take him another year to get into the starting lineup. He is actually doing a decent job. We just have to keep him healthy. He is like any other pup. He is still coming along."

Question: How is Jeffries' strength?

Heggins: "Not bad. Right now he has bad shoulders that hurt him."

Question: What about Christian Johnson?

Heggins: "You have Christian Johnson, who was a starter last year. He is a young man capable of being a starter. He has all the tools. He just have to get everything together. I think he is working at it. He is working on getting better, losing his weight. You just have to wait and see."

Question: Has he slipped from last year or did other guys just get that much better?

Heggins: "Not that much better. There are just certain things he knows he has to do."

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