VAUGHT: UK can score on Arkansas

Former Kentucky offensive coordinator Tony Franklin, who now has the same job at Troy University, got a good look at Arkansas' defense when his team played there two weeks ago. From what Franklin saw that game as well as on film, he likes Kentucky's chances to win Saturday's game at Arkansas.

"Watching Kentucky and comparing them to us, the big thing is that their skilled people are really good. Ours try hard, but they are not nearly as talented as Kentucky's players," said Franklin.

"Arkansas plays man press coverage 95 percent of the time. I think Kentucky will eat them alive throwing the ball. We were productive. We had 212 yards of offense in the second quarter. And we only have one guy that can win in a man press. Kentucky has at least one, and maybe even three, that can beat that press.

"Because of the matchups, I think Kentucky scores a lot of points. I will be really surprised if they don't. It's just how Arkansas plays defense. With Burton and Lyons, both of them are good enough to get a lot of matchups they can exploit. So can Johnson. They will even get some good matchups with Little out of the backfield. I will be very, very surprised if Kentucky does not score a lot."

The only thing that could ruin that theory would be if Arkansas' defensive line dominates UK's front.

"Kentucky's offensive line versus their defensive line will be the big matchup. Kentucky looks a lot better than last year up front. They are a lot more athletic," Franklin said. "If they match up okay up front, and I think they will based on how well we did, I will be surprised if they don't light up the scoreboard."

Franklin doesn't anticipate UK being intimidated by the Arkansas crowd, either.

"Arkansas is not that bad a place to play. It's not like the Swamp (Florida). It's loud, but it's not really any more intimidating than a lot of other places. UK will be fine there and I don't see that being a reason Kentucky can't win," Franklin said.

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