VAUGHT: Jimmy Heggins on UK's OL, Part III

Kentucky offensive line coach Jimmy Heggins talks with KSR's Larry Vaught in the final part of a three-part series. Today he concludes with discussion of Kentucky's depth on the offensive line, overall talent level, and more.

Question: Do you have adequate depth this year in the line?

Heggins: "You always worry about that, but right now we have two deep. We have to go with what we got and we have some that can swing into different positions."

Question: Have you always believed in playing linemen at more than one position?

Heggins: "I believe if a guy can play tackle, he can play guard. He might not be as efficient, but he should know what to do and have a chance because we are basically doing the same things. We are all taking the same step. We are all working on pass steps, vertical steps, steps on the line. You are teaching them the same things."

Question: Of the groups you have coached over the years, is this group above average athletically or not?

Heggins: "I think they are above average athletically from some guys I have coached. We have some kids that are very, very talented. Now we just have to mold it."

Question: How much does it help when an offensive line not only is big and strong, but also is athletic?

Heggins: "That is the key. That is what Louisville has done over the years. That is what it takes. That is one advantage of converting tight ends to linemen. You have guys that can already run. He is an athlete. Defensive people you have a guy that was an aggressive guy and should be a better athlete than an offensive lineman. Then it is just finding the right one."

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