Taylor's Thoughts: People still talking

Folks are still talking about it. We're several days past "it," but they're still talking about it.

My pastor – Steve Hobbs – couldn't contain himself in church last Sunday morning after Kentucky defeated Louisville 40-34 in the team's first win over a Top 10 opponent since 1977.

Before opening the service with prayer and before leading the congregation in our morning worship service, pastor had to get something "off his chest."

"What about that game last night?" he said beaming with excitement. Of course, our church members knew he wasn't referring to Alabama's equally exciting win over Arkansas.

The congregation of more than 200 erupted with a loud clap that kicked off the service in great fashion. It turned out to be one dandy meeting, as my late grandfather used to refer to church services.

When Rhonda and I arrived on Sunday, pastor's son Paul had a shirt and tie on, but had a t-shirt "Believe in Blue" clearly visible placed over top of his dress shirt. Thought that was cool.

When I came home from covering the game in the wee hours on Sunday morning, Rhonda, who is still learning the tricks of the trade in football, couldn't help but talk about Kentucky's win before rolling over one last time for the night.

You see, Rhonda was raised in Jackson County, which didn't have a high school football team until three years ago, is new to football, but she is catching on, even without my help.

Oh and yes, she is a big Kentucky fan.

Many of my conversations this week have involved Kentucky football. That is rare around these parts this time of year, considering Kentucky basketball is a big deal. With a new coach in Billy Gillespie, it's an even bigger deal.

The hoops hysteria will come later. For now, Kentucky football is the topic of conversation in this state.

Heck, even my dad, who prefers the professional version of football over the college game, called and was talking about it. So was mom. So was my sister and my niece, and the list goes on an on.

During a visit to the softball field on Tuesday night, the Cats came up again. Played in a golf scramble earlier this week at the Winchester Country Club and overheard several participants talking about the Wildcats.

As Rhonda and I were walking in our neighborhood in Richmond earlier this week, a flag flying attached to a house with a team emblem caught our attention. The flag was split in half with a UK logo and a Louisville Cardinal logo on the same side, and indicated the house was "divided."

I wondered in my mind what was going on during the last 28 seconds in that house last week? I don't know and wasn't there, but I do know the house is still standing.

That's a good thing.

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