VAUGHT: Q&A with Coach David Lockwood

This week Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with defensive backs coach David Lockwood. Today Coach Lockwood answers questions about his unit:

Question: How are the guys playing for you doing at this point of the season? Are they where you want them to be, behind or ahead?

Lockwood: "I think they are coming along just as I expected them to be. I think the guys are doing a good job of learning to prepare. They are watching tape. I make cut-ups for them to take home and study. I give them tips. They are doing a better job of preparing and they are feeling more comfortable on game day."

Question: So are you pleased with where they are now?

Lockwood: "I would say that I am pleased. We still have a ways to go. We have to fix some little things, and we have to do a better job taking away the big play. Take the game against Louisville. If we take away a couple of those big plays and it doesn't come down to Hail Mary and offense having to score late. If we continue to get better each week and fix our mistakes, we will be fine."

Question: Trevard Lindley came out of nowhere last year to earn all-SEC honors and he had a huge interception early against Louisville. How has his play been?

Lockwood: "I think those early games he was not challenged and then that first play against Louisville he was challenged and he stepped up to the occasion. That is what it is all about with him. He is going to see good guys every week in the SEC. From here on out he is going to be challenged and he has to rise to the occasion."

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