VAUGHT: Q&A with Coach Lockwood, Part II

Defensive backs coach David Lockwood answers questions about his unit. On Tuesday, Coach Lockwood talks about the value of senior leaders like Marcus McClinton and Roger Williams, and more. Join Larry Vaught today with Coach Lockwood.

Qustion: Does it help having senior safeties like Marcus McClinton and Roger Williams?

Lockwood: "It is huge. They are guys who have played and know what it is all about. They have that experience under their belts. Marcus missed basically the first two weeks. He played 15 plays the first game and didn't play the second game. He is still getting more into game ready shape.

"Roger has to do a better job late in the game of staying focused and remembering his techniques and not getting lazy as the game goes along. But he's a really good player."

Question: What about the other cornerback where you have used several different players?

Lockwood: "We have had some injuries and have had to throw some guys into the fire. That is what it is all about and why it is a team effort. I don't care if you are a two or a three (on the depth chart), you have to prepare like you are a starter. Your number could always be called like it was against Louisville when Paul (Warford) got hurt and we had to put (walk-on) Robbie McAtee in the heat of the battle. For the most part he did a good job and he will get better."

Question: How about the transformation McAtee has made from playing on a Division III team in 2005 to a backup at UK this year?

Lockwood: "That is what it is all about. Sometimes you overlook certain guys in recruiting. I don't know what the circumstances were with him, but he has come and worked hard. Because of that, he's in a position to play and help us."

Question: What about Warford? What does he need to do better?

Lockwood: "Just technique. Just keeping himself in game shape. It is just some little things he needs to become that shutdown guy like Trevard is. If he can do that, then we will really be solid at the corner position."

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