VAUGHT: Q&A with Coach Lockwood, Part III

Defensive backs coach David Lockwood concludes his three-part interview with Larry Vaught. Today's version focuses on coaching within the team, and working with head coach Rich Brooks.

Defensive backs coach David Lockwood answers questions about his unit:

Question: Are you a hard guy to please?

Lockwood: "Yes. The guys are doing well, but at the same I am one of those guys who I wouldn't say is never satisfied, but I am always looking to get better. I think there is always room for improvement. The guys are coming along, but we can be much better. It is a tweak here and there and being better focused. That makes a whole difference in the whole outcome of a game. Take two plays and can change a lot of games. That is what I would like for us to get better at."

Question: How much does it help your defensive backs to go against the Kentucky offense daily in practice?

Lockwood: "It is huge. There are guys are some of the best in the conference. To have them on our own team and covering them every day, that makes them better and that makes us better. If we are doing that, then we become better as a a team and that ultimately is what it is all about. On Saturdays, we are all together. It's not offense and defense. We are a team."

Question: What has working under Rich Brooks been like?

Lockwood: "It has been great. He is a guy who has been in this game a long time at both levels. Just to listen to him in certain situations has been great."

Question: How did you like the atmosphere at Commonwealth Stadium for the Louisville game?

Lockwood: "It was fun. That is what big-time football is all about. Most important, our kids feed off that. As coaches, we are not playing. But when the kids see that, they get excited. At the Cat Walk, we turned the corner and bam, the buses stopped. We had to walk the whole length of the street and that just fired the kids up. That makes them play that much harder.

"I have heard nothing but great things about the town and the people. It just keeps getting better. We just have to keep winning games to keep them all enthused."

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