VAUGHT: Jarmon believes in defense

Sophomore defensive end Jeremy Jarmon readily admits there were times last season when he had a "few problems" working within defensive coordinator Mike Archer's scheme.

"There were times last year I did a little bit of guessing and got burned for them. It was the Vanderbilt game where they ran the reverse for the touchdown on me," Jarmon said. "I have got a lot better at using my eyes and seeing formations and mentally knowing what to expect on certain plays now."

Is that true for the whole defense?

"I would say so. Last year we felt we had to do more than we were supposed to do. This year we have to do our jobs the best we can and rely on the other 10 guys on the field to do their jobs," Jarmon said.

So far, it's working for the No. 14 Wildcats going into Saturday's game against Florida Atlantic. Jarmon says one big reason for UK's improved defense has been team chemistry. He credits head coach Rich Brooks along with each defensive coach for changing the players' approach this year.

"It is definitely team chemistry helping us more than anything. The coaches all have us believing in one another to do our jobs and nothing else. I do the best job I can do on every single play and I expect my other 10 guys out there to do the same thing. When everyone is doing their job, then everything just falls in place," Jarmon, who is among the SEC leaders in sacks, said.

"Last year we wanted to make good things happen but sometimes guys were out of position and did not follow the scheme. This year we are doing a better job of just doing what we are supposed to do and believing our other 10 guys will get their job done."

That belief has allowed the defense to make game-changing plays of its own and start to receive attention for plays it makes instead of mistakes like it did most of the time last year.

"It is great because in the past our defense was doubted. Even last year we got gashed some games, but we still found ways to make plays. This year it seems like we are making more of thos big plays even though a lot of people didn't believe we could get the same turnover-takeaway ratio margin two years in a row. But if we keep playing hard, we could possibly be in the same position as last year and if we do that, then we could really have a great season," Jarmon said.

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