VAUGHT: Johnson watches, learns from Woodyard

The more Micah Johnson gets to watch linebacker Wesley Woodyard play, the more he learns from the Kentucky senior.

"The thing about Wes is that half of his plays are hustle. The thing is, you probably never can tell that sometimes he makes mistakes. But he makes up for it with hustle and is right there where he should have been," Johnson, a sophomore, said.

"Just his work ethic and hustle is unbelievable. He is just a blue-collar player.

"He may not be the biggest or the best looking guy, but he is out there where he needs to be and he is hitting people and making big plays. That is what it comes down to. We feed off that energy. He just flies around and makes the tackle. If you don't make it, he will. It is just a lot of motivation."

Woodyard now has over 300 career tackles, a number that Johnson says is "crazy" for any player.

"Yet he continues to come out and work. It's almost like we expect it. I talk to him a lot. He gives me confidence because he feels I can be in same shoes he is in, if not a better position," Johnson said. "He thinks I am a real good player and he tells me that. I just listen to him and just continue to work. When a guy has made over 300 tackles, he knows what he is doing."

Woodyard made that clear to Johnson in last week's win at Arkansas.

"There was a point in the game where he was telling me, ‘Micah here is what is coming. It is coming over here. It is coming this way.' I was kind of shaky at first, but it came that way. He was calling the plays out and that is what it takes to be a great player — the mental part. He has that down pat," Johnson said. "If I can just get to where I can be like that, then I am going to be a much better player. I just appreciate what he does to help me and I know it is already making me better."

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