KERRI BROOKS: Worst hire in college football

The worst hire in college football history. An old geezer who won't be able to relate to his players. A "has been" with a losing record. A stiff tired old coach who will never turn the program around. Who is this guy?

Ahhh. I am so glad I can laugh. That guy, is the same guy, who has led the Wildcats to being ranked 14th in the nation. Amazing isn't it? Isn't it nice to see that an old, tired, out of touch, has been; can actually coach some dang good football? It sure is nice to be able to laugh again.

OK, so maybe the "cat" is out of the bag. He might be old in years to some, but he isn't old in life. He isn't a "has" been, he is doing it now! He isn't a stiff, he is actually quite humorous. Now with the season off to an excellent start, the focus can finally be shifted to what is really important. The football team, and what they are capable of doing on the field.

Instead of the national attention Kentucky was getting the last few years for having a coach on the hot seat; the national attention has shifted to our very own Andre', the apostrophe. Can you believe that Kentucky has a player that is being talked about as a Heisman candidate? This accomplishment is quite unbelievable if you think about how far we have come in such little time.

With devastating injuries plaguing our team which suffered from lack of depth over the last few years, it seemed that a doom and gloom attitude had taken over the football program's future. Yet, somehow, the team kept their noses to the grindstone, and turned their future into something much brighter. I see a similarity between this Kentucky team and an Oregon team of the 90's.

It takes me back to a conversation in my family room in Eugene, Oregon; where my father had a family meeting to discuss his future staying with and coaching the Ducks. He had been there almost two decades, and was letting the family know he was considering perhaps moving on to another chapter in life. The team didn't perhaps have as much talent on it as they had the past few years, but my father made one comment which stuck in my mind. When deciding he would stay the course for a while longer he said: "This team is full of a bunch of really good guys." After being around sports teams for as many years as I have, you have to understand that a comment like this is a huge endorsement for the quality of the team. Very few coaches would say this about an entire team of football players.

You can imagine how my ears perked up when my father made the same comment this year at the beginning of the season about the Kentucky team. The team at Oregon of "really good guys" surprisingly and against odds, took their team to the Rose Bowl. Then game by game, this Kentucky team of "really good guys" has found a way to win their first 4 games. I think there is a lot to be said about having heart and being committed. Kentucky may not have the biggest players, or the most highly recruited athletes out of high school; but they are solid. They are good football players, who most importantly are good people.

They are a group of "really good guys" who are gaining a lot of deserved respect by their actions on and off the field. They are a group of solid young men who have demonstrated leadership and commitment through tough times. Now, they are able to demonstrate that they can also play some dang good football.

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, because the focus has to be on one game at a time; but we have a team that has the possibility of becoming bowl eligible before the last couple of games of the season. We have a team that has a player being talked about as a Heisman candidate. We have a coach who is a ‘dang good' football coach who has a ‘dang good' staff. We have happy FOOTBALL fans that are enjoying some well deserved success in Kentucky football. We have opportunities in front of us for even more successes. Kentucky football has a bright future, and a group of really good guys.

One game at a time, the coaches and players will give their all to win. They will find ways to overcome mistakes, and make corrections. And they will stay focused.

There are some very tough games around the corner, and no one knows better than these players how big those games are. This weekend we face our next challenge of playing Florida Atlantic. Kentucky is on the map, and we want to stay there!


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