VAUGHT: Stevenson still trying to gain weigh

Perry Stevenson says no one has ever given him a specific reason for wanting him to add weight.

"They don't really have a specific reason for it. I just try to get more calories in my diet. In a sense, I also watch what I eat and make sure it is good for me. There is still junk, but there is a lot high calorie stuff when I do eat," Stevenson said.

"I am just trying to maintain my weight now. We do a lot of running, so I am trying to boost my weight up a little bit before practice starts so I can be strong enough and fast enough to utilize my stuff in games."

Still, despite his best efforts to add weight, Stevenson was at only 200 pounds recently.

"You can always get bigger, stronger and aster. It comes with putting on muscle and not just weight. There is a point when you just get tired of eating in one sitting. Overall, eating is something I like. But no matter how much I eat sometimes, I just don't add weight," he said.

Stevenson understands he needs more bulk, especially against strong Southeastern Conference players. That's one reason he has worked so much on "defensive stuff" during the offseason.

"I know there will be times I will be guarding a guy twice my size and weight. I may also get caught in back screen and have to guard a guard. I have to be better on and off the ball," he said.

Stevenson has heard the rumors that Gillispie could go with a four-guard lineup at times. If that happens, Stevenson could find himself as UK's tallest player on the court occassionally.

"That would definitely be okay with me if I am the tallest on the court if the other four guys are playing as hard as I am, which I know they will be," Stevenson said. "I kind of see a scenario where I would play in the post more. Coach Gillispie has me working on guarding the ball and even guarding guards a lot. There will be situations where there are guys on the floor 6-5 across the board for the other team and I will have to guard one."

He's glad he won't have to guard freshman Patrick Patterson in games because Patterson has impressed him.

"Pat is definitely going to be a factor Not only in the SEC, but in the entire NCAA. He can put the ball on the floor. He is not just a back to the basket type of player. He has a lot of other things to his game," Stevenson said. "He is a good guy for me to practice against. He can do pretty much anything a four player would be expected to do. He's really, really good."

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