VAUGHT: Patterson adjusting to college

Patrick Patterson knew the transition to big-time college basketball would be difficult. What the Kentucky freshman didn't know was that other parts of college life would also require a big adjustment.

"It is a huge adjustment from high school to the college lifestyle. It's difficult to adjust to getting to classes, working out in the gym, lifting weight, running, tutors and study hall. It's hard to manage all that. I have just tried to become a student-athlete and manage my time and try to get my rest the best I can.

"It is hard to get your rest. Some nights you want to go out and hang out with friends or there are a couple of girls you want to see. It's not an average life. It's hard to get sleep as athletes because you work out five days a week. You want to go out like other students, but you just don't have time. No one tells you that when you are being recruited."

But don't think Patterson has had any second thoughts about coming to Kentucky to play for Billy Gillispie.

"Everything is going well. The workouts are real intense and real hard. In the end, everything will work out for the best. Everybody on the team goes hard. I have never done something like this in my life. The first time we practiced, high school and AAU was never intense like this. And that was just individual workouts and not even team practice, but they were all harder than my actual practice in high school."

Patterson admits he feels some pressure this season and remembers seeing a sign after he signed with the Wildcats proclaiming "Patterson the Savior of Kentucky." He just laughs when he thinks about that.

"That is a lot of pressure for fans and critics and all to put on anyone, especially a freshman. But my entire life at Huntington, I had a lot of pressure. But nothing like this," Patterson said.

"With Randolph (Morris) leaving, I saw a huge opportunity to come to Kentucky to help get them back on track. We have a new coach and I really believe he can help and he will turn Kentucky back around and put UK on the map like school that they are. It is an opportunity I saw and I wanted to seize it. So all the pressure that is endured by this team, you just have to accept it."

It probably helps that Patterson has bonded so well with freshman guard Alex Legion. "He is like a brother to me. I think me and him will be tight and have a great bond and relationship for a long time. We will be like brothers the whole time we are here," Patterson said. "He is a tremendous athlete and great player. He has one of the best shots on the team and one of the best handles on the team. He has great size, power and quickness. I really think he will be special."

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