Sanders discusses Andre Woodson

Kentucky quarterback coach Randy Sanders shares his insights with KSR's Larry Vaught in the first part of a three-part series.

Question: What things did you like about Andre Woodson when you were recruiting him while you were coaching at Tennessee?

Sanders: "You could see the obvious physical features. The size, the athletic ability. It was easy to see on film that he could throw the ball. The guy has to have the physical ability before the rest of it matters."

Question: At that time, did you envision this kind of success for him or was that more wishful thinking?

Sanders: "I think any time you get a quarterback playing at the level he is playing at it is kind of wishful thinking when you are recruiting him. It was what you hoped for. That is the reason you spend so much time in your recruiting and put so much into it to get good players. Good players make everybody good coaches. That's how you hope guys turn out to be."

Question: How close were you to getting him at Tennessee?

Sanders: "He could answer that a whole lot better than I could. I think he was probably coming to Kentucky pretty much the whole way. I think we were a factor in it and if it happened where it did not work out at Kentucky, then we would have been in the mix. But I think Kentucky was always his first choice."

Question: When you got to Kentucky, was Woodson about what you expected, better or not quite as good?

Sanders: "I don't think Andre had performed at that point up to his potential or his level. That was pretty obvious. He actually maybe made up his mind to be the best quarterback he could be at that time. There had been a lot of things happening. Keenan (Burton) had been hurt. Jacob (Tamme) had been hurt quite a bit the year before. He didn't necessarily have those other guys around him that make the quarterback's job easier like he had last year and has had so far this year."

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