Sanders discusses UK's young QBs

Kentucky quarterback coach Randy Sanders shares his insights with KSR's Larry Vaught in the second part of a three-part series. In today's edition Coach Sanders discusses Kentucky's trio of young QBs, Mike Hartline, Will Fidler and Matt Lentz.

Kentucky quarterback coach Randy Sanders shares his insights with KSR's Larry Vaught in the second part of a three-part series.

Question: Does it make you particularly happy when you see a player progress and develop like Andre Woodson has?

Sanders: "It does. It makes you happy when you see any of them get better. It pleases me when you watch Mike Hartline practice, and he is getting better each day. (Will) Fidler is getting better each day. Andre obviously is out there every Saturday so it is apparent to everyone how much improvement he has made. But there is no question as a coach, that is what you like to see is when guys get better. It is no different with a farmer planting a crop. He likes to see the crop come up. As a parent, you try to raise your children and you want to see them make the right decisions at school or out with their friends or whatever it is. As a coach, you want to see your guys get better and doing the right things on the football field."

Question: How much does it help the younger quarterbacks just to have Woodson out there daily to watch in practice?

Sanders: "It obviously helps them because Andre is very mentally strong playing quarterback. He knows what to do and how to do it and he does a good job staying within the discipline of the offense and what we are asking him to do. That's a great example.

"Sometimes you get young guys trying to do everything Andre does and that is too much to put on their plates. We have to try and balance that out."

Question: What do you like the most about Hartline at this time during his redshirt freshman season?

Sanders: "I think his fundamentals have got way, way better. We coached him last year but he also spent most of the time with the scout team, so I wasn't necessarily working with him full-time. Being able to come out here and spend two hours a day and watching him that way and then watching the film with him, his fundamentals are getting better. He is getting his body lined up better, his feet are better, his eyes are in the right places. Obviously, he is understanding the offense much better."

Question: Is Fidler, another redshirt freshmen, progressing the same way?

Sanders: "It is a little bit different because he is bouncing back and forth between the scout team and down here where we are at. He is doing a great job giving the scout team a great look and making the defense better, which is critical for what we are trying to accomplish. You still see him getting better, especially during some of the individual things. It is good to see both of them eager. They are learning and when you tell them something, they really come back and try to apply it."

Question: Does true freshmen Matt Lentz work mainly only with the scout team?

Sanders: "He does some of both. He stays with the scout team a little bit more, but he bounces back and forth. He is probably a little bit more in the situation that Mike was in last year. I love the kid and his attitude. I love the way he takes coaching. We still have a lot of work to do with him and there is some potential there. We just have to develop that potential."

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