Coach Sanders discusses Pulley and Hartline

Kentucky quarterback coach Randy Sanders shares his insights with KSR's Larry Vaught in the final part of a three-part series. Today, Coach Sanders discusses the development of Curtis Pulley; and Andre Woodson's backup this season, Mike Hartline.

Question: What are you doing with Curtis Pulley, who is ineligible this year, during practice and how much do you work with him?

Sanders: "We are working with him. He is probably the most valuable player on the scout team right now. He plays quarterback one week and then he might be a running back like he was when he played (Darren) McFadden's role when we played Arkansas. He plays the guy the defense has to key on. Curtis is still learning. A lot of his learning at quarterback right now is by osmosis and in individual stuff."

Question: So in your mind, is he still a quarterback and someone that will compete for the starting job next spring?

Sanders: "Sure. He is still a quarterback and that is where I want his mind and his focus to be. Do whatever we need you to do at the time, but don't ever lose sight of what you are supposed to do to play quarterback."

Question: When do you start preparing someone to be the next Andre Woodson?

Sanders: "You don't so much worry about next year. You worry about what if. What if Andre trips over 20-yard line, sprains his ankle and somebody has to go in and play. If Andre sprains his ankle and Hartline's chinstrap buckle breaks, then somebody else has to be ready to go in there. You always try to prepare guys to go out and perform on Saturday.

"You keep an eye on next year, but you worry a whole lot more about Saturday than you do next year."

Question: If Woodson did trip over the 20, could Hartline get the job done?

Sanders: "I think he could get the job done. It wouldn't be the way Andre does it. We couldn't ask him to do the same things that Andre does. Andre is a fifth-year guy that has played a lot of football around here. Mike is in his second year and really only been running the offense and being coached for 80 days or so counting spring. It is going to be a totally different look with him. Mike does things very well and he's made a lot of improvement. Hopefully we won't get to that point, but I wouldn't be in a panic if it happened."

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