VAUGHT: Q&A with Rick Petri Part III

Kentucky defensive line coach Rick Petri talks about his players and how this season has gone for UK's defensive front in the third part of this three-part series.

Question: How important has backup Ventrell Jenkins been?

Petri: "He has been a bonus since at the beginning of the year we didn't know if he would be here (because of an injury). He is still trying to get in shape because he missed all that hard work in the summer. He has given us some quality snaps, and can give us more to rest other guys."

Question: What other backups have pleased you the most?

Petri: "Everybody has done well. Travis Day gives us good snaps. Jamill Paris is getting better each week. J.D. Craigman has done some good things. I have seen him on the practice field and watching them get ready to play. They are all working to get better, and that is what you want."

Question: What about true freshman Shane McCord?

Petri: "He is getting better. It is always scary when you have to play young guys. Corey had to do it last year, but it is a big difference between high school and here. He has a great future. He is very mature for being a freshman about his approach, and that helps him tremendously."

Question: Is McCord a potential big-time player?

Petri: "We will see. He is a freshman. Let him be a freshman and go from there."

Question: How much did it hurt when redshirt freshman tackle Ricky Lumpkin got hurt early in the season?

Petri: "It hurts us because he is a guy with size, speed and playmaking ability. But it also hurts him that he is missing all this work. He missed a lot of work last year when he redshirted due to injuries and now he is missing again. It is holding his development back, but hopefully he can come back soon."

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