VAUGHT: Woodyard wants everyone to believe

Wesley Woodyard was confident the Kentucky defense wasn't about to panic even when LSU took a 27-14 in last week's game. However, Woodyard wasn't sure if the offense might have lost confidence in UK's defense and could be discouraged.

"The defense didn't have any panic. Then I was able to look in Andre's eyes as he was walking by. There was no disbelief," Woodyard said.

After seeing quarterback Andre Woodson remain so confident, Woodyard knew good things were ahead and was not stunned that UK eventually beat LSU 43-37 in triple overtime.

"Once you see that confidence in your quarterback that he can still go out there and make plays, that is a huge help for everybody," Woodyard said. "If he is going out there and going to leave it all on the field, then you are going out there to do the same thing.

"Beating LSU felt great. That is what we came here to do. We wanted to pull off some big victories. That is what this is all about this year. But we have to continue to get better. We can't celebrate yet."

Woodyard senses that not everyone nationally believes Kentucky is for real yet -- a fact supported by Florida being a seven-point favorite in Saturday's game even though UK knocked off the nation's No. 1 team last week.

"We came in against LSU and nobody gave us a chance. A lot of leaders stepped up before the game and said we had to go out and take the game over. Nobody gives us a chance. We have to forget that stuff," Woodyard said. "The only people who gave us a real chance last week were the players and the coaching staff.

"We have a big challenge again this week. We have to put the LSU win behind us and keep our heads level and keep working. We want to show that last week was no fluke. We want to prove over and over that we can be a great team. Our fans are great, but we want everyone believing and the only way to do that is to keep winning."

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