Lyons got payback in win

Dicky Lyons' crunching block on Steve Johnson's 51-yard reception against LSU helped set up a crucial touchdown for Kentucky against LSU. But the block on LSU safety Craig Steltz was payback for Lyons going back to his high school days when Steltz played against Lyons.

Archbishop Rummell High School in New Orleans beat Lyons' Holy Cross team three years in a row and eliminated Lyons' team from the playoffs once.

"My senior year I had two touchdowns and it was 20-7 in the fourth quarter and they came back to beat us 21-20," Lyons said.

So was the block that made national highlights and left Steltz stunned payback for high school?

"I was just saying hello to an old friend because he used to smash me over the middle in high school all the time. I would catch touchdowns on him, but never blocks on him. It was nice to hit him for once," Lyons said.

Lyons said he probably had a better block in high school because he also fell down after hitting Steltz. However, he was hoping Johnson would cut just the way he did after making the catch to let him unload on the LSU safety.

"In college, that is as good as it gets. It was a big hit," Lyons said.

Even more than the block, Lyons will remember the triple overtime victory forever.

"It definitely will be a lifetime memory because every time I go home, I am going to hear about it. It is just one of those storied moments in Kentucky history that people will always talk about, but the best part for me was that it was against LSU. It is going to be great to remember that the rest of my life," Lyons said.

Of course, the rest of the season has been fun as well.

"This year is so fun because of the group of guys we have. Everybody is so humble and nobody is getting the big heads. We can see that we can really do something special," Lyons said.

"Everybody wants to make plays, but nobody is getting mad. People asked after I had my two touchdown game if I was mad that I wasn't getting balls. But we were winning. You can't get mad when you win. Nobody is mad if you keep winning. Everybody is happy and that is best part about this team."

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