KENNY WALKER: Legion's scoring can help

Confidence-wise, Alex Legion seems to be very confident. He has said he is looking to come in and start as a true freshman, which is not easy. But he says if he doesn't start, he's going to play. I think his mindset is right. He is very aggressive.

I talked to Jules Camara who played a lot of pickup ball with him in the summer and he feels like he is the best freshman that UK has because of all the things he can do and ways he can score.

A lot of people have said he is similar to Ray Allen with the way he can shoot the ball and score. If he is like Ray Allen in the NBA, that is something because he is one of the best shooters of all time. That is something Kentucky has been lacking the last couple of years. If he is that kind of shooter, that is something that we desperately need.

We have some guys that are capable of shooting the ball well from the outside, we have not had that one consistent outside threat in a long, long time. If he can provide that, then that is going to be huge.

You can never have too many scorers, especially when you are talking about a small team. If you don't have a legitimate center that you are going to make the focal point of your offense, then you have to find ways to score. We have got guys that are interchangeable and can play the one, two or three spots or maybe even the four in Jasper's case.

Gillispie has always said he is going to play according to the talent he has. In my opinion, the best talent he has on this team is going to be his perimeter guys so he is going to have to play to their strengths. That means he has to develop the outside game and let these guys get up and down the floor more and that is where a shooter like Legion could really help.

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